IMAGE OF THE MONTH: January 2022

Referral for "temporally retinal tears"


Submitted by Max Stem, MD (Pennsylvania Retina Specialists)

49 y/o woman referred for "temporal retinal tears, atrophy, or schisis. Please evaluate STAT, car accident head injury"


Giant pars plana cysts


The patient presented with intermittent blurry vision OU 1 month after a car accident. She had no flashes or floaters. The differential for her retinal lesions included retinal dialysis, retinoschisis, retinal detachment, and vitreous base avulsion. However, scleral depressed examination confirmed that these were giant pars plana cysts. Interestingly, the cyst in the right eye had a shriveled appearance compared to the fully formed cyst in the left eye. The patient was reassured about the benign nature of her lesions.

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